The Truth About Patrick Brown

Patrick Brown and the executive of the PC Party of Ontario have made a firm stand against social conservatism.  Although, Mr. Brown has had a previous “pro-life” voting record, his views have changed after concluding that Ontarians no longer are interested in traditional, faith-based values.  If you do believe in life at conception, tradional marriage and if you oppose the new Sex-Ed Curriculm, you literally have no vote in the next election!



The PC executive has put into action a bold strategy.  Their belief is, by silencing the social conservatives in the party, they will gain Liberal votes in the next election. They’ve calculated losing the social conservative votes that will stay home.  It is a sound strategy that may succeed unless we do something they could never have imagined!  Make no mistake, this strategy persecutes Christians.  This strategy gags any person with strongly held religious beliefs.  This strategy sacrifices everything that I and many people believe in, therefore I will not stay home and I will vote LIBERAL in the next election. WHAT?!?

The PC Party has silenced social conservatives.  If you stay home or vote independent, they will keep you quiet.  If you vote against AGAINST Brown and FOR Wynne they will suffer a devastating loss.  The party executive will have no choice but to give social conservatives a strong voice at the next election.

If the PC Party wins the next election, the voice for life, traditional marriage and faith-based morality will be silenced forever.

Believe me, I understand how difficult it is to vote for Kathleen Wynne.  Everything she stands for diametrically opposes my beliefs.  However, I believe that her views are sincerely held and she leads with a firm standard she thinks is best for the province.  On the contrary, I firmly believe that Patrick Brown has violated my rights as a party member and I do not trust him as party leader.  It is nobler to be honest and wrong than dishonest and right.

Brown infers that social conservatives hate gay people.  He implies they despise people who have had an abortion.  He thinks we are demons.  He doesn’t understand that our ideology is one of compassion, dignity, mercy and social welfare.  He thinks that we hate Kathleen Wynne so much that he can treat us as “deplorables” and we still wouldn’t vote for her.

Well, Ms. Wynne, I don’t hate you.  I don’t hate anyone.  My Faith demands that regardless of my personal feelings, I accept every human being as the image of God.  Therefore, barring a reversal on the PC strategy, I vouch my support for Kathleen Wynne and offer any assistance I can provide to move all traditional conservative ridings to vote Liberal.  Though I disagree with your policies, I support you as a leader until a leader that shares my vison emerges.

My Faith also demands mercy.  So, Mr. Brown if you apologize to me and publicly to the thousands of other demons that you have offended, allow for MPP’s to vote their conscience and offer a free and democratic nomination process moving forward, I shall be one of your strongest advocates for the next election.

If you refuse, I will provide further information on the mobilization of the SOCIAL CONSERVATIVES FOR WYNNE campaign.


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