The Truth About Bill 89

Please help me! I am voiceless in the halls of Ontario Parliament. I don’t have anyone representing me and I don’t have time to represent myself.  It is only because I am sacrificing time away from my worship, family and business that I can write this sincere appeal for your assistance.

The Ontario government is degrading my Faith and purpose to live. Even more discouraging is that I don’t have anyone fighting on my behalf.  Unless the Bill or Motion is about economics or hydro, the spirit of opposition is dead.  Like Alex in the movie, A Clockwork Orange, I am helplessly restrained and forced to watch violent persecutions against my God and His disciples.

In Bill 89, Supporting Children, Youth and Families Act, the Faith I identify with has been reduced to a mere creed.  While at the same time my choice of gender has been elevated to an expression and solemn right.

The Preamble states that “services provided to children and families should respect their diversity and the principle of inclusion” but contradictorily, the Purpose of the Act says that the government should protect children when that diversity disagrees with their “sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.”

It just doesn’t make sense.  On the one hand, you say that me and my children should be respected for having a Faith that discredits gender theory while on the other hand threatening to take away my children if they begin to disbelieve what our Faith teaches them.

The disconnect being that the authors of Bill 89 think that Faith is a choice.  They think it is merely a creed and like a policy statement, it can be amended.  What they fail to realize is that Faith is a supernatural virtue continuously poured into us by God. Yes, we choose to cooperate with Him, but the Faith itself is not a choice.  In other words, God continually pours Faith into each one of us but our choice to live sinful lives creates a barrier which inhibits our ability to believe.  Faith itself is not a choice but the act of inhibiting Faith is.  Bill 89 demands that I inhibit my Faith.

You allow me to privately hold this Faith but then publicly you rip it out of my heart.  I’ve agreed to keep it private.  But the inevitable has arrived and your subjective governance has impeded on my privately held beliefs.  You have broken down the door of my private property to force feed your belief onto my family and community.

I wish I had time to defend my Faith systematically for you.  Unfortunately, my business requires my attention so I can support your payroll.  My children require help with their homework so they can support our society.  And my God deserves restitution so He’ll continue having mercy on a faithless generation.

If I did have time, I would be able to adequately explain that opposition to homosexuality and gender theory is not hate, but contrarily it is literally about love.  All sex that is contraceptive is disordered because it restricts the ability for love (in the form of the Holy Spirit) from entering the Mother/ Father relationship.  This love is produced primarily in the family and then permeates throughout the entire structure of society.  In a real way, the pill, condoms, masturbation, abortion and homosexuality restrict love and produce lust, pride, envy etc.

I know this because my Faith, supported by reason and millennia of scientific, theological and philosophical enquiry have revealed such.  It is not just my opinion or feeling.

With the introduction of new laws like same-sex marriage and assisted suicide, the Government of Canada has politely asked me to take my Faith into the closet.  No longer am I permitted to live out this Faith in a public forum but have been restricted to live my Faith solely within my family and my local Church.  Now, Bill 89 restricts me from even doing that.

My Faith tells me that children are from God and that my wife and I must cooperate with God in raising them to know, love and serve Him.  Bill 89 tells me that my children are a product of the State and that my wife and I must raise them according to their authority.

I consistently feel that the state disrespects me as a Faithful person and excludes me when introducing new Bills and Motions.  Bill 89 is just another example of a long line of human rights violations on people of Faith.

Bill 89 states that “All children should have the opportunity to meet their full potential.” But who determines that potential? The state? Lobbyists? Their parents?  No, it is God that brings our children to their full potential and He does this when they cooperate with His laws and ordinances. To be certain, this potential is not to be determined by immature and unreasonable minds of children motivated by desires and selfishness.  Bill 89 restricts the innate potential that all of us, as a child of God, are mercifully invited to reach.

I feel disrespected and excluded in society because our laws presuppose that my Faith is a choice.  I have been told that I can hold my belief as long as I remain silent; not realizing that an important part of my Faith is the proclamation of it.  Here, we see the hypocrisy, because the faith of a non-believers is imposed on me regularly. For the presupposition that God does not exist, or that God must be separated from politics is the new disordered way of government.

If there is no elected official that will stand up and defend my Faith, I am asking for my right to speak directly to you in parliament about this issue.  I cannot be left voiceless any longer.  For me, it is not about being elected or finding a cause to fight about.  It is not about pedantry and hearing myself talk. It is my entire purpose for living.

The meaning and purpose of life is to know, love and serve God.  My vocation as a father is the noblest way I can fulfil that service.  If you create laws that impose on my life’s purpose and impede on my service to God that is necessary for salvation, I am imprisoned and bound to an existence that is lifeless, void and eternally condemned.

Please help me! Moreover, help the millions of people that have similar concerns but may not have the means nor the communication skills to articulate this injustice.

Contact your MPP and voice your concerns today!


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